A Boy Story: Opposite-Sex Friendships

When It Starts

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Starting a friendship with a member of the opposite sex sounds taboo to some. Many say, “Men and women can’t be friends.” If you don’t have the personality to “just remain friends,” then being friends with the opposite sex may not work for you. Just remaining friends only works if both sides are in full agreement. Emotions and personal feelings can interrupt the natural flow of a friendship. Always try to be on the same page so no one gets hurt and unrequited love doesn’t go unanswered.

When It Gets Complicated

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When your best friend finds a significant other, it could mean a lighter flow to your friendship stream. New committed relationships require a lot of time and effort, so what do you do when your best friend of the opposite sex is “distracted”? You have two options: Let it be and hope they break up—that’s the more bitter option—or try to become friends with the significant other. It may not work in your favor either way, so keep your options open.

If It Needs to End

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Not all friendships were built to last. Sometimes you just need to let go. When and if that time comes for you, you may not know it. Keep your eyes open to the reality of a situation. If a spouse isn’t happy about your friendship, it may be time to end it. The best friendships can hurt as much as a relationship breakup, so be prepared for whatever comes. And be sure to act like an adult if it does.